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Thread: Commodore 16 won't boot - what next after replacing the TED

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    I have few tested Plus/4 and 16 boards and a few tested CPU chips that I draw from for support purposes. They do fry for odd reasons, not made to last. My "baby" is the C-116 I upgraded to 64K and converted to NTSC. You could do the same with a C16, make it more useful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trixter View Post
    Because of what I wrote? If so, please let me know where I erred (being serious, I greatly respect your opinion). I'm guessing it was my advocacy of ruining a working system to repair another system, but plus/4s are more common than C16s so it is (somewhat) justified. I'd gladly part out a 5150 (common) to save a Sperry XT (quite rare)...
    This is not trouble shooting, it is Easter egg hunting. Most any part of the C16 could be bad. Randomly replacing part it like trying to win a prize in a raffle. If you buy enough tickets one is bound to win. If we are to continue it this way, the best way to fix it is to buy a working C16 and toss the one we are working on.
    I realize the C16 is a tough nut to crack but it has two ROMs. I've not seen any thing about checking to see if the clock is working or the voltages are getting to the right place. All I've seen is try replacing this or that. I could be wrong but I think most of these ASICs are soldered in. The OP could be doing unseen damage to the PC board.
    If he replaces everything and it still doesn't work, then what should we advise?
    I don't personally know enough about the C16 to do things like write diagnostic code but surely someone here should have enough knowledge?
    The worst of it is we've almost replaced half the parts or suggested replacing half the parts. I've only seen one post that looked like the intent was to actually trouble shoot it.
    There are a lot of questions not being asked. Things like, is there any activity on the address or data buss? I understand that it uses DRAM. What does the RAS and CAS activity look like?
    I don't know what else to say.


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