I currently have a 286-16 clone board that had a bit of battery damage. There are a few traces to fix. The SS diagnostic ROM for the AT (from http://minuszerodegrees.net), just gives a blinking cursor in the top left hand corner after about 20s on this board. So far I've fixed two motherboards with this BIOS, thanks.

I've looked in the manual and the only thing I can find is on page 8, "If there is no cursor on the monitor when power is on, then the system BIOS has not been able to initialize the video adapter, the display adapter or the monitor may be defective...". Problem is it doesn't go on to say what to check if the video output is just a blinking cursor. Not getting anything on the speaker output, other than a quiet low screech when the system is turned on, I've had this on a few m/b. Anyone have any ideas?

Test setup: 286 clone board, MDA (ATI) clone card, speaker.

A POST diagnostic card I have indicates I'm getting all the voltages on the ISA bus.

Also the manual states that "For 80386 and 80486 machines that use a single BIOS, Landmark has a single 512KB [wow!] ROM POST available..." Anyone seen this 64KB version? I have a couple of dead 3/486 boards with a single ROM socket, I'd like to test. I did try interleaving the high/low SS AT BIOS into one file and burning that, but it did not work. I haven't tried it on a known working board yet though.