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Thread: MCS-350 bios chip ?

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    Default MCS-350 bios chip ?

    I am looking for help with an adapter. So, the situation is this; i have a P70 thats dead. I am betting its the harddrive, as it has been working just fine, but now the drive sounds.. "funny". Anyway, even if it isn't the drive, i cant live with the ESDI drive for long, i would need something else to boot up, like SD (which I would get with SCSI).

    So i bought this MCA adapter on eBay; MCS-350,

    My problem is, the BIOS chip is missing. I dont know yet if this chip is required, but my bet is that if i wanna boot on this SCSI, i need some kind of "stuff" running on the p70 on boot - which i guess would be the BIOS.

    Hope anyone out there has this "FD Bios V1.0E BB"

    Thanks in advance !

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    (sorry i think i posted this in the wrong forum, its for 386 and later)

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    Ask in the PS/2 newsgroup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterNC View Post
    Ask in the PS/2 newsgroup.
    Where is the ps/2 newsgroup ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChunkLady View Post
    Where is the ps/2 newsgroup ?
    If you don't have newsgroup access:!...m.ps2.hardware


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