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    My next door neighbour is moving and retiring to a much smaller flat. He has given me every electronic item/gadget he's ever bought since the 1980's. Buried amongst 3 large plastic containers was a fully functional Sharp PC-1500 handheld. I've already got the Sharp PC-1251 with the CE-125 base unit with printer and micro cassette which I also picked up a couple of years ago in new/old still shrink wrapped condition - it's fully functional. Now rather than try and find the equivalent CE-150 for the PC-1500 at some extortionate price, is there (1) any way to get the PC-1500 talking to the CE-125 that I've already got via a cable or adapter? (2) any way to get a cable to fit the 60 pin connector on the PC-1500 to an external tape cassette player/vintage Commodore VIC 20 cassette or Sony Minidisc and/or a cable to connect to a different external printer from the 60 pin (is this 60 pin connector Centronics?)?
    Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    I don't believe so.

    The PC-1500 and PC-1251 were not compatible software-wise.
    I don't have the tech manuals at hand (but they are available as PDFs online) but I think that the the printer/cassette dock connects directly into the bus of the pocket computer, making the dock actually part of the pocket computer instead of a device that the pocket computer communicates with.

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    I agree, the PC-12xx stuff won't work with the PC1500, I think even the software for the cassette interfacing (let alone printing) was in the CE150 itself.
    The CE-150 is a pretty cool gadget tho and fairly often offered on ebay. Many units will be sold as defective, when actually the only repair to get it going again is a replacement of the NiCd battery cells inside the unit. Otherwise it seems to be pretty indestructable and ages quite well.
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