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Thread: Tandy Software Wanted

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    Ok I know I'm not mental,because I aced my Comp TIA Test, but I could use some help from someone. Could some one please make me 1000 SX/EX 3.5 Floppies of software mainly boot disk. Every thing I tried even going step by step has failed. Thanks in Advance. I will even pay or donate my own floppies.

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    Which comptia, A+? I'm perusing the Mike Meyers book, looking for clues as to why my Xeon doesn't work. Don't expect any help for floppies with comptia knowledge. A Scott Mueller book maybe, but even there I doubt it.

    Wow didn't know he had a book about's very dated though, 2006.

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    Finally after all the hard work and work around's, I now have a working DOS 3.2 Boot Disk.


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