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Thread: IBM 5150 PC Floppy Drive Access

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    Default IBM 5150 PC Floppy Drive Access

    Hello! I recently acquired a IBM 5150 PC - the model with two floppy drives. The machine boots fine into BASIC Version C1.10 and I can write and run a program just fine. My issue is saving the program. Looking in the BASIC documentation, I thought I just needed to enter SAVE "A:FILENAME" to save to an inserted floppy on the left, but this doesn't work. When I try I get "Bad file number" without any attempt to access either floppy drive. When I start the machine it tries to access the left floppy, and if I put in a disk at startup it accesses the drive and gives the message "Non-System disk or disk error....", so I assume the drive is working. If I just type SAVE "FILENAME", it pauses like it's saving somewhere and then comes back OK, but the program isn't really saving. I assume it thinks it's saving to the nonexistent cassette recorder. Any information on how I'm supposed to save my program to a floppy?
    Thank you!

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    Welcome to these forums.

    See the fourth paragraph in the text at:
    1. Goto; then
    2. Navigate to the 'IBM 5150' section; then
    3. Click on the 'Cassette BASIC' link.

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    Thank you very much! Now I see that I'll need to find an IBM DOS 5.25" floppy to boot from.

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