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Thread: 286 PC AT Processor Upgrade

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    Default 286 PC AT Processor Upgrade

    Looking for a PC AT 286 processor upgrade. Examples would be Intel Inboard386/AT, Intel SnapIn, Kingston 386/Now!, Make-It 486, Make-It 386. It needs to be AT compatible, PS/2 50/60 compatible will not work.

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    These thing are often expensive if you want one. And if you have one they are usually rubbish compared to a motherboard replacement. They ARE interesting though. Since the performance is never going to be that of a proper system, if I were going to do this I think I'd give the DIY approach a go. It was briefly discussed a few years ago:

    Just an alternative option that may interest you.
    Looking for: OMTI SMS Scientific Micro Systems 8610 or 8627 ESDI ISA drive controller, May also be branded Core HC, Please PM me if you want to part with one.

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    Yeah, I don't really think I could create a DIY upgrade board. Unless someone gave me a schematic and I could turn it into a fabrication file.


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