I'm not a big DEC dweeb (I "only" have a DECmate II without floppy media, a VAXstation 3100 M76 running OpenVMS, an Alpha 164LX running Tru64 and this DEC PRO 380), but I do like the DEC PRO. I finally found a BCC03-06 cable to match the very dirty VR241 I landed, and now I can do "serious business" colour graphics in Venix!


Actually, I'm pretty impressed with what Venix can do with screen graphics. Pie charts, raw plots, bar charts, scatter plots, even load and save video memory directly. This is a big jump over my old VR201. It's actually a good excuse to get a local uucp working since PRO/Venix has no networking. I just wish DEC didn't use so much proprietary crap; it took me ages to land the monitor and the right cable.

(Well, okay, there's one other DEC in my collection, a PDP-11/44 which is just occupying space in storage because I'm too scaredy-cat to fire it up.)