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Thread: CGP-115 Color Graphic Printer

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    Default CGP-115 Color Graphic Printer

    I have been trying to fix this printer, and I would like to find replacement mechanisms. According to Tandy Wiki it uses the ALPS DGP-1302 mechanism. I was hoping that because of its widespread use in other printers from Atari, Commodore, Sharp, and Texas Instruments, I would come across many surplus devices.

    Does anyone know where I can find this mechanism or maybe a replacement printer?
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    There are people who have repaired these printers.
    The mechanism used was also used in the TRS-80 PC-2 printer and the Atari 1020 printer.
    You might have more success with a wider search.

    I know that there were places selling 3D printed gears for the printers.

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    The gears and pens are available AFAIK.

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    That's a good start... I wonder if the pens can be found cheaper than $26/pack under another brand name.

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