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I have a 1571 with a Newtronics mech that appears to have open heads too. Bought it second hand about 20 years ago, at the time it worked perfectly and received only a little bit of very light use then got put away in the attic for 20 years and now won't format.

Just to make sure I've got this right, if the top head has failed but the bottom one is good then it should still work on a C64 which will treat it as a 1541 drive?

Failure to format (I don't have anything already written that I can test reading on) would indicate failure of the bottom head in which case the top one might be salvageable (assuming it hasn't also failed)? If the trick with swapping the connectors around to run on the top only works (but presumably creating a disk that no other drive can read) is it possible to mount the top head in the bottom position and use it as if it was a 1541 drive?

Since I don't have a 128 double sided use isn't really that important to me. The 1571 just happens to be the only Commodore disk drive I have.

Iíd say itís possible to do what youíre saying, I.e. remount the top head in the bottom, but you have to be pretty precise with it and you might have to do some soldering to some fine wires.

Back in the 90ís I had a top head on a 1571 that the spring hinge broke and I was able to salvage the top head from the carrier of it and use another Mitsumi drive from a dead pc drive and pull the head carrier from it and glue the 1571 head back onto it. It worked but I donít know how interchangeable media would have been with other drives.