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Thread: Needed: Configuring 3Com 509B Network Cards to Work in XTs

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    Default Needed: Configuring 3Com 509B Network Cards to Work in XTs

    I have been trying to configure my 5150s to connect to my network. I'm stuck at the point where I need to reconfigure the cards with an IRQ that will work with the 5150s. I don't own any PCs that can do this step and was looking to see if there is anyone out there that can help, that knows how to do this, and that would be able to do so with my cards. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.

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    Do you have the 2 software disks for that card?

    Release Notes

    EtherDisk 6.1 has been revised and is split into two diskettes.

    EtherDisk #1 contains all the files necessary to install the EtherLink 10
    ISA in Windows 95/98 or Windows NT. This includes a Windows based GUI
    installer for Windows 95/98 and a post installation configuration and
    diagnostic tool, accessible from a system tray icon and from the Windows
    Start Menu, for both Windows 9x and Windows NT environments. Both NDIS3 and
    NDIS4 miniport drivers are included and appropriately installed in Windows 95/98
    and Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0.

    EtherDisk #2 contains the software that was on EtherDisk 6.0. This includes
    installation for NetWare versions 3.X and 4.X, various DOS based network
    operating systems, IBM OS/2, and the packet driver.

    Full duplex support for the 3C509B has been added to the NetWare server and
    Windows NT/95/98 drivers. Control of the full duplex feature is provided in
    the configuration and diagnostic program. Full duplex operation improves
    overall network throughput on twisted pair (TP) networks.

    A boot ROM for the EtherLink 10 ISA product family is available from your
    network supplier. The 3C5-TriROM supports NetWare boot, RPL, and BootP
    network boot protocols.

    The EtherLink 10 ISA, formerly known as the EtherLink III, has gone thru a
    product name change. The products are fully compatible and the terms EtherLink
    III and EtherLink 10 ISA can be used interchangeably.

    3c509x1.exe, 3c509x2.exe found here:
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    @Unkown_K Thanks for the links. I have some version of the software you listed but will give these a try and it will be good to have in the future. Right now, what I am experiencing when I attempt to run 3c5x9cfg.exe on either my 5150 or my 5160 I get an error stating that no Etherlink III card is installed. This is where I assume the IRQ or some other configuration on the network card might be conflicting with the system and preventing the software from interacting with the card. The Packet Driver I have is able to see the cards and obtain the MACs. When I attempt to use mTCP the packets go out but are never received by the software. This might relate to the fact the Packet Driver can not talk to the card to obtain the received packets. pkttool shows send packets but 0 received. I'm basing the assumption that I need a different system to configure the cards firmware to work correctly from this thread;


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