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Thread: found small oem pc need help getting the moddel

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    Default found small oem pc need help getting the moddel

    Hi found this computer in a flea market it was new and unused oem model.
    Fitted a Pentium 133 and hard disc it powers on, somebody knows if theres a manual about what the gazillion jumpers in the bottom do ?

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    It's not really a system, it's a point of sale terminal. Most POS terminals are custom jobs specific to the POS vendor, and there are tons of them. I've worked on NCR, Micros, 20/20 and a few other systems, they were all custom jobs.

    This specific terminal looks to just be a single board computer on an EISA card to an ISA backplane. You may have more luck figuring out what it is by removing the SBC from the backplane and looking for a model/manufacturer on it. but judging from it being made in Taiwan, it's probably a generic clone of something. The chipset and video chip are bog standard parts though, it shouldn't be hard finding drivers for it.

    A fair bit of warning, DO NOT attempt to plug the SBC into a normal motherboard, you'll blow something up. The EISA connector is only designed to be plugged into a passive backplane, and it's probably vendor specific. Don't expect it to work in any backplane that you may find.


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