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Thread: New Model II/16/12/16B/6000 Extender Boards

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    Default New Model II/16/12/16B/6000 Extender Boards

    Thanks to Ian Mavric we now have modern reproductions of the testing extender boards for the 8" Tandy machines. These boards are invaluable for component level testing of the circuit boards in these computers.

    I've been testing them and they work well. They have nice new high-quality connectors which means a solid connection for the boards that helps to eliminate continuity issues that can plague the old original extender solutions.

    The Model II/16 Extender Board

    The Model 12/16B/6000 Extender Board

    Get in touch with @TRS-Ian for details if you're interested in one of these.

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    Fantastic! Even I can follow the circuit traces without getting lost.

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    I have a few of these left, if you want some PM me, they are $US60ea or $100/pr + shipping.

    I'll be bringing a couple of sets to TA-18 however they might sell quickly so if you want a set before the show, let me know.


    *There is never a charge for Tech Support even if you don't purchase from me - We are Enthusiasts Helping Other Enthusiast and that is just the way it is


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