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Thread: Mark posts from this account as invisible or hidden

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    Default Mark posts from this account as invisible or hidden

    Would the admin mods please mark all the posts from this account as "invisible" or "hidden" so they no longer show up in searches, forum listings, the vcwiki, or whatever else is on this site? I have been out of this hobby for 4+ years now and I still get notifications, emails, etc. on a regular basis from complete strangers. It is very disconcerting to me and highly unpleasant. It is much worse than spam since it is highly specific and slips right through the filters.

    Better yet, just delete all the posts from this account "NobodyIsHere" but if that is not acceptable for whatever reason just mark the posts so they are still there but not accessible from the general public, show up in web searches, forum browsers, etc. If the admin mods must keep my posts at least take them out of the public viewing so these messages stop.

    Thank you

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