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Thread: Original 128K Mac keeps restarting shortly into OS disk boot

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    Default Original 128K Mac keeps restarting shortly into OS disk boot

    Hello Everyone.

    I have an original Macintosh 128K that powers up, happy faces, and starts to boot the OS disk, but after a few heads seeks the computer restarts and does it all over again. I've tried this with every startup disk I have and it exhibits the same behavior.

    I cleaned and re-lubricated the drive and cleaned the head, so I don't think any of that is the problem.

    Any ideas appreciated.


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    My guess is that either the power supply is going (drive is pulling more current than it can supply) or some RAM has gone bad.

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    Are you booting it from the internal floppy drive? Have you tried booting from an external drive if you have one? Also try booting a different OS version. I have one of the original Mac128k that also does the same thing when I bought it. I took it apart and cleaned & lubricated the internal drive. It now works great!


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