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Thread: Bootable RX01 diskettes with RT-11 and XXDP

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    Looking at picture 3 and 4. Why are you using DD1 (Unit 1) when you have only attached a disk image to unit 0?

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    Good point cbscpe!!!! I now have a working system!!!!!!!!086.jpg090.jpg

    Thank you to everyone who offered help.


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    And here I was thinking, "he must've been booting DU0: in the first screen and it's just written over the character...I'm not going to suggest that it's just because he's booting DD1: -- that's too obvious!" I suppose it's not at all obvious if you're not used to starting at 0 when counting.

    Glad to see it's up and going Now you can see if you can write out RX02s using your board/drive. The good thing about going with a non-DEC RX02 workalike is that it probably has a utility for formatting disks. The DEC drive/controller combo can't format. You can, however, format IBM 3740 SSSD (same as RX01) using ImageDisk or something on a PC and then use an XXDP utility to upconvert it to RX02, if you have to.

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    Great to hear that you have the system up and running. I'm a big fan of AK6DN's tu58em also. It's my tool of choice for bringing up a QBUS system, building boot disks on real hardware, etc. At 38,400 baud it is fairly usable (not much slower than say floppy drives on an RQDX3 interface). I really like the DQ419. I'm using that in a couple of systems. I have a webpage that describes my experience in using the board to format RX01 and RX02 disks and using it to build a bootable RT-11 RX02 disk ->


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