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Thread: Any Nintendo 64

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    Default Any Nintendo 64

    My brain damaged older sister from Brooklyn used to insist on pronouncing it Ninendo. Her kid had the original NES.

    I found one. Anyone care to extol it's virtues?

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    The best party multiplayer console, bar none.
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    N64 will always hold a special place in my heart, kind of a funky console but has a ton of really amazing games. Spent many, many hours playing mine. Still has my favorite version of Smash Bros (I know an unpopular opinion).
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    There's an issue with some N64s where the video will just die... it's the reason why my original N64 (which I had since not long after release) got trashed. It wasn't the extended graphics module as that worked in my new N64...

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    First and foremost, the Nintendo 64 was the best multiplayer system of the time. And while the system couldn't hope to compete capacity wise (largest cart was 512 megabits) to the Playstation, the games in general looked a whole lot better because the N64 had the power to do perspective corrected rendered polygons. The PS1 doesn't have an FPU and is too slow to do perspective correction, which is why games use affine mapping or interpolation on textured surfaces. This causes the texture warping on large surfaces that are common on 3D games on the PS1.

    The PS1 generally had bigger and more complex games with more content due to the then massive 640 MB CD, but the N64 still had its share of great games. Goldeneye 007, Duke Nukem Zero Hour, Crusin' USA/World and San Fransisco Rush series were some of my favorites.

    Quote Originally Posted by TravisHuckins View Post
    It wasn't the extended graphics module as that worked in my new N64...
    If you mean that black expansion pack with the red top that you plug into the front top of the unit, that's not a graphics module, it's an additional 4 MB of RDRAM.

    It's required for some games to run, like Perfect Dark and Donkey Kong 64. Some games will have higher graphics modes available with it installed like Duke Nukem Zero Hour, but these modes usually come at a cost of speed, the game can slow down considerably.

    A bit of trivia, DK64 doesn't actually require the expansion pak. The developers forced its requirement because there was a memory leak in the game they couldn't track down, and using the expansion pack increased the amount of time the game would run without crashing. Without the expansion pak, the game would crash within a few hours IIRC.

    Also about that video death issue, were you using composite out or the RF modulator? In either case, those multi-out cables were notoriously unreliable and tended to fall apart internally. I've had to rebuild my composite multi-out cable a few times.

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    I loved the company , owned the original NES and the SNES, after which point I got out of console gaming (expect the gameboy line) I disliked the 3d perspective on the N64, and since it didnt really have any of the 2d metroid, mario, castlevania games I enjoyed I just gave up on consoles from that point forward.

    Alot of people liked it, I didnt.

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    I did not like it ether. I only have two hands, not 3. Games were hit or miss. Grate if your were a kid.
    I had a Saturn then a dreamcast. Then got out of gaming for the most part. No arcade, no fun. I still have a few PC games from the early 9x and dos era that I play. But that's about it.
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    The analog sticks is crap and wears out like cheap jeans. But definitely a great multiplayer machine with properly tuned equipment. Goldeneye and Diddy Kong Racing come to mind. Oh, and NBA Hangtime. My old roommate and his friend stayed up all night playing that.

    And no, Mario doesn't say "let's pickle" on Super Mario 64. (Random anecdote on that game: when my cousin was a kid, he made his little brother mad somehow, and lil bro took his revenge by erasing big bro's save game - when he had 119 out of 120 stars. Ouch.)

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    hands down the n64 felt like the worst system in terms of reliability. I'm on my third system and I made sure to not remove the jumper pack. my current model has the expansion pack installed already so i can play everything that requires it. My first two n64's black screened on two seperate occasions the video would initialize but the games simply did not play tried different cables and even tried the RF route before giving up. So in my eyes worst system put out for integrity but the games were fun and i loved them all.

    I was but a teen when both n64's black screened on me. I had purchased a third party jumper pack from yobo so i can finally play majora's mask when it black screened after installing the yobo, I reinstalled the default jumper and still didn't work after googling yobo it had a bunch of upset people that had the same issues I had. After I managed to get my second n64 the original jumper pack stayed in the system to never be removed because i never wanted to chance that black screen thing to happen again. the system crashed while i was playing castlevania64 and never worked again. my third system i barely touch because i don't want it to die.

    Again, its got fun games!

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    I used to have a huge collection of game consoles but sold off everything except my N64 and Atari 2600. That's probably one of the best consoles ever made, for multiplayer especially


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