Hello VCF!

Having read through a few incredible posts on the forum over the last few days, I decided it's about time I signed up.

I've been collecting vintage hardware for the last few years and have been fortunate enough to save many systems from landfill.

So far, my collection consists (off the top of my head) of:

Apple Macintosh LC (x2 - but both were sold as faulty and I haven't had time to check them out yet)
Apple PowerBook 140
Apple PowerBook 3400C
Apple PowerBook 1400CS
Apple PowerBook G3 (Wall Street)
Apple iBook G4
Apple PowerMac G4 Cube (I have one complete Cube and one empty shell-less chassis)
Apple PowerMac G3 (B&W)
Apple PowerMac G4 (Graphite, Digital Media/Gigabit Ethernet, Quicksilver and MDD varieties)
Apple PowerMac G5 (bought as faulty - intending to one day use a The Laser Hive kit to convert it to an awesome PC shell)
Apple iMac G5 24"
Apricot XEN-LS - 486-DX2-66
Apricot LS Pro - 486 DX33
Dell Precision 433Si - 486 SX33 with ability to upgrade to a faster/DX chip
Dell Latitude CSx (really slim laptop - I have the C-Port II port replicator, external floppy, external CD-ROM, etc. Would love to have a C-Dock II so I can expand it further. I ordered one, but a C-Port turned up.)
Dell Latitude C-series (I forget the specifics of that one, but it's a lot chunkier than the CSx and not as well built)
Custom made Am5x86-133 system with S3 Trio 64V+ Turbo, 3dfx Voodoo (1) 4MB, SB16 Vibra (PnP card with real OPL3 and no DMA click or stuck notes issues)

I've also got a handful of AMD socket A systems including an Abit NF7-S2G board and Athlon XP-M 2500+ and my original (saved from being thrown out) Koolance Exos-Al from ~15 years ago when I was building watercooled PCs before it (almost) became mainstream.

I have a Roland SC-55 Mk2, and various ISA and PCI SoundBlaster/Audigy/Live! cards (and a Live! Drive with full-size MIDI sockets), a Commodore PC keyboard (untested, but I *really* hope this works!) and a couple of Apricot PS/2 keyboards (post Mitsubishi takeover, so a little less cool, but PC-compatible).

I'm fairly sure I have more interesting/vintage/retro kit, but most of it's buried following a room function swap at home (my old study was getting a bit too hot/noisy to comfortably work in alongside all my more modern kit).

Hopefully there's something in my collection that others also find interesting. I'd love some help at some point with repairing battery leakage damage in the Apricot systems. The Dell 486 has a dead RTC battery, too, but it's the type that has the integrated battery. I've got a replacement RTC chip that's designed to be used with an external battery and a CR2032 holder. Theoretically, I should be able to solder the holder directly to the RTC chip and put it in where the old chip went and gain easy-to-replace RTC battery awesomeness. I haven't yet plucked up the courage to attempt this... The last time I soldered anything was at least a decade ago.