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Thread: Zenith 486 Motherboard Refuses to Boot from known good floppy or HD using onboard ide

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    So far you didn't mention it: did you run the setup? If the default value is something like "no drive connected" then the MOBO won't even look for the drive. Although it doesn't boot, does the drive move the heads? When powered off, just move the heads by hand away from track 0. If the drive is seen, any drive, the heads should move. A wrong drive type won't work as well of course.

    Just my two cents...
    With kind regards / met vriendelijke groet, Ruud Baltissen

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    Yep, done all those things, and every time, it says no bott decide found. The floppy drive does light up and seek test

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    I have a 486dx2 with almost the same problem. It refuses to see the hd. Floppy works fine though. My ide/floppy-controller is on an isa-card. Do you have a built in controller?

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    Yep! Made by ACC Micro I think?


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