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Thread: EPROM programmer.

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    I pretty sure MCUmall's GQ-4x programmer does the TMS2532 , but not the TMS2532A, which it only reads. I have one of these programmers, it works really well. I also found out that it can program the Fram FM16w08 when it is set for a DS1225, which was very helpful in the repair & calibration of my Tek 2465B oscilloscopes. Anyway check their supported device list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flaviosr View Post
    Dear All,
    I am working to repair a Commodore 8296 and I am in the need of recreating old chips, like PLAs and others.
    In some cases I need to write 2532/2532A chips and so the nightmare started.
    Looking around I cannot find a modern EPROM programmer that can write 2532A chips (that are the common ones, while "plain" 2532 chips seem rare like a yeti!).
    Does somebody know an EPROM programmer that can write 2532A chips?
    Thank you
    Data I/O 201 (which I use most of the times) can program 2532A from firmware rev 4 (I have 5.2)
    Digelec 824 can also program them, but I don't like it very much, also there's no documentation about servicing this one.
    Finally, my old Promenade C1 clone for the C64 also happily programs the 2532A

    Frank IZ8DWF


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