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Thread: WiFi to Dial-Up Adapter?

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    Default WiFi to Dial-Up Adapter?

    I've done a lot of googling, but haven't been able to turn up anything. Basically I'm wondering if there's some kind of modem that connects to a wifi network, and then outputs data through a phone chord to connect to older computers that only have a dial-up port. Do any of you know if anything like that exists?

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    I bought an old Apple space saucer style WiFi router with dialup but the bloody thing is hard to setup on anything other than an early MacOS10 system

    My iPhone and Windows 7 box seem to want to use too new of configuration software to connect to the thing.

    There are also a few early 2000’s routers that have dialup but not all have WIFI,

    If you find something cheap and easy let me know as I have uses for this as well with no PC involved

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    There are a few. Paul Rickards sold out of his WIFIRS232 modem

    Should you get one of his dongles or one like it, here are some notes I took how-to

    You can always set up a Raspberry PI to do it.
    An older thread that more or less still applies
    and other one that helps refine your set up:
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    You could, very easily, make your own version of Paul's modem. Just pick up a esp8266 board off amazon like this one. I like the nodeMCU boards.

    Then you get a ttl voltage converter like this:

    Wire up the Ground, RX/TX lines.

    Flash the node MCU with Paul's firmware, which is available on github and you have yourself one made at home

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    Adding the following link as an addendum to sev's post above:
    -- Brian

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    Wasn't there a thread a few months back about a serial port dongle that enabled Wi-Fi for vintage systems?

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    This is the finished product on ebay, 7 units left.


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