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Thread: Dos compability

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    Default Dos compability

    I've just got a new Pentium (75). it's has a P/I-P55P3AV mainboard with SIS 551X chipset, ESS 1788 AudioDrive with a AV689 audio/display port card connected to the mainboard.

    I plan to use it as a dos machine for 486 era games.

    But since it got onboard (pci, I presume) sound. Does the ESS work well with dos? I initially planned to have a SB16+MT32 connected. And what is the wavetable port on the card for? I hope I can just disable the card and use the isa one which sounds like a better choice for compability in any case.

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    Never had any trouble with my 1688 in DOS mode. If you don't have the drivers, head over to VOGONS:

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    Either way should be fine. Integrated chip sets from that period typically have Sound Blaster compatibility. Plus MPU-401 UART which works in intelligent mode with SoftMPU.

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    A sound blaster would be by far preferred, but a ESS chip form the time should work for most games.
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