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Thread: GIMIX S-50 system

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    Bitsavers has docs for the motherboard and cpu card in that gimix system ebay posting.
    Appear to match the photos. I was curious as to the details of that system and how it compared to swtpc boxes.

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    Thanks for the kind words

    A few years ago, Jason from VCF MW had a bunch of Gimix boards I'd never seen before, some of them had very different I/O than normal SS-50 systems. Their later boards were getting more sophisticated and they had a different (better) way to map memory to get extended memory for their 6809 systems. Jason had a number of their big RAM boards which worked fine in my SS-50 machine but the I/O boards would need different drivers so we didn't spend time digging into them more.

    Code for our version of SWTBUG is indeed on our github site:

    What I haven't put up yet is the Arduino side; not because it's meant to be obscure, but simply because I didn't mark it as public. Will do that this weekend.

    My Arduino based disk drive emulator supports four virtual drives, as Flex only supported four drives. Each "drive" is a DSK format file on the SD card. You can format a new image or download any of the hundreds of images available on the Flex User Group FTP site and just mount them. The interface is parallel over a 26 pin IDC cable. You really need just 11 pins to implement the interface; the others are for power to the Arduino, interrupt lines (optional), etc. I have drivers for 6502, 6800 and 6809, as well as an API document describing exactly how to drive the 11 signals and the protocol between the host system and the Arduino. It might not be the optimal solution but it works quite reliably, uses readily available media, provides easy methods to backup files, easy exchange of files with others, and is fully Flex compatible.

    If your parallel board has a 6821 or 6532 then it's extremely easy to get the existing drivers working, and I could definitely help.



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