Hey there,
Just got a H9 terminal for my H-11 (which I still have yet to interface with), and of course the back of the tube appears to have broken in shipping. It was just the nipple in the back, but now i can see and hear the shorting, not only there but also in a variable resistor on a different board. The plug on the back of the CRT also appears to have pulled out a bit, which I don't think is normally possible. It also would appear as though whoever owned it before was either very handy, or had no idea what they were doing because there is so much electrical tape and DIY breadboarding that i figure, besides the obvious fact that the tube is broken, it will be nigh impossible to diagnose from the schematics. Also, is there any way to get the 24 pin connector piece from the back? Or will I have to electrical tape wires on to the pins? It appears to be proprietary.
Any other help or tips and tricks or documentation (I do have a manual and some schematics, but like I said) would be appreciated.