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Thread: Sun Openboot keyboard layout change

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    Default Sun Openboot keyboard layout change

    I have got Sun Blade 100 server with German keyboard.
    When I turned it on, keyboard layout in OpenBoot is also German. It's not comfortable for me, and I would like to switch it to English also in OpenBoot (I haven't looked to the system, I'll do it later)

    I googled a little bit and tried eeprom set keyboard-layout US-English, but it doesn't work.

    Or, does keyboard inform Sun Openboot what layout it has, and for English layout I need English keyboard?

    It doesn't matter what letters/symbols are drawn on keys, I type blindly using English/US layout.

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    try this:

    eeprom keyboard-layout=US-English

    reboot system

    let me know if that works


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