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Thread: Cleaning and caring for Apple IIe Platinum keyboard

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    Default Cleaning and caring for Apple IIe Platinum keyboard

    I have seen few different suggestions for cleaning the keyboardm differening on which Apple II keyboard it is.

    Mine is a IIe Platinum, with 4 keys not working. Something was spilled a while back, one key is super sticky, the other 3 just don't work. Is that keyboard safe to wash in destilled water, or would it be better to use ISP into individual switches, or contact cleaner?

    Also, is there anything different about the Platinum keyboard that requires additional care over time?


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    Have you gotten the KB working? I recently fired up an Apple ][e after several decade. Surprised everything worked immediately except for a handful of the keys. I am thinking of trying to pour isopropyl alcohol on and around the defective keys hoping to get them loose. They work, they just don't always come back up. Beautiful machines even when not working. Apple started out good.
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    I'd use plastic-safe contact cleaner.

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    You may find that whatever was spilled on the keys has gotten inside the keys and corroded the parts. I've heard of people putting keyboards in the dish washer. I've also seen keyboards with return springs that failed because of rust. My personal opinion is to disassemble the keyboard key switches and see what damage can be undone.

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    I ended up washing the key caps in warm water with mild soap, and working all the dirt off the keyboard with cotton swabs with ISP. I then used Deoxit contact cleaner into each key switch, worked them hard, let it dry a bit, and it worked like a charm! All keys register perfectly now.


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