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Thread: What kind of computer is this?

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    Default What kind of computer is this?


    I recently came across some pics (see attached photos) of a computer I helped my father auction off many years after he initially brought it home in the mid-1980s.
    I believe this was probably the very first computer I ever came in contact with. It was really crude looking, you'll see what I mean if you look at the photos. The pictures also shows some the monitor, keyboard, modem, OS discs.
    My father always referred to as simply a "CP/M computer", but I don't know what kind of computer it really was and didn't really care back then, but got curious now when I saw these photos. Unfortunately my father now suffers from severe dementia, so I can't ask him anything about it, but was hoping someone here could identify what kind of computer this is / was by looking at the photos?
    Thank you for reading and any info you can provide.
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    Without better pictures of the case I would guess it was one of many “clones” based off the Ampro little board or similar, which was designed to fit neatly into the form factor of a floppy or pair of floppies. It has a 1984 BIOS indicating it is one of the later CP/M machines. In fact it is entirely possible that your father put this together himself based off a little board and a pair of drives. Most CP/M machines could hook to almost any terminal and keyboard, which could be an entirely different make from the base unit.

    Here is an example of a similar system:
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