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Thread: LTL Freight shipping

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    I just recently moved 8,000 pounds of Vintage computer stuff 1600 miles domestically in Canada.

    I had a local moving company at the source pick up the stuff from the seller's residence (5 1/2 hour drive in each direction) and 6 guys spent 5 hours loading it on to a 22 foot truck.

    They took it to the loading docks of a LTL freight company called FastFrate (I'm sure they operate in the US as well) where the moving company palletized and shrink-wrapped it, turned it over to FastFrate who containerized it, shipped it by rail to Toronto and then trucked it to Hamilton. There they used a power tailgate and skid-jack to off-load it into the workshop where we are testing, repairing and sorting it all.

    Including $500 CAD for all-risks insurance, it cost just a little over $6,000 CAD.

    You can weigh that figure against over options.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck(G) View Post
    I'd also give Craters & Freighers a call and get an estimate. This is what they specialize in--and by all reports, they do a good job of it.
    We used Craters & Freighters quite a bit at my previous place of employment and never had any issues, so when I bought a TRS-80 Model 12 a couple of months ago I had them ship it. It arrived in perfect condition. The Model 12/16B/6000 are not easy to ship safely.


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