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Thread: Reliable Video Connection to TV

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    Question Reliable Video Connection to TV

    So, I've heard about a new cable for the C64 that has HDMI in it. I have also heard that it is outrageously priced. So, I need to know how to connect a Commodore reliability to a TV or monitor. I have one of those craptastic "tv-computer" boxes, and it has those old pitchfork connectors that absolutely don't exist on a TV anymore. I don't have a S-Video cable, although it seems that it might be the most viable option. I've also seen the coax RCA cable thing, that is also a possibility. I just need to know which is the most reliable.
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    The most reliable is to use an appropriate Commodore monitor with the proper three-RCA cable.

    Everything else works. The only trouble I have ever run into is the lousy tuners in modern TV's. They don't like to connect to devices that rely on the wiggle-room old TV's give you.

    Fork terminals can be connected to a balun, and then to coax. This all used to be simple when Radio Shack was around. I don't know where you buy these things now other than everyone's go-to, Amazon.

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    8-bit classics has the video cable available with either the 4-pin S-video cable*, or Lumi+Chroma RCA with audio (either "stereo" or mono)

    * Optional 300Ohm resistor can be added as well for modern LCD displays

    I have two of them just in case the cable I made wasn't working very well, and I made my own AV cable for the C64, which does work without issues (several attempts later).
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