One more thing, it's mostly in decent shape except the lid clearly is pretty scratched up with paint missing. Any thoughts on how to fix that? I see mention of Pantone 453 (where-ever the heck i'd find that and if it's applicable to the ii+), but maybe someone has stumbled across a more accessible paint to patch or repaint it?

I had done some research previously since my IIe's case was pretty bad and had some lousy repaint job at one point, so for that I just broke down and found a beige color (rustoleum gloss almond) and repainted it, but since this one actually has the original paint color and is mostly in good shape on the rest of the case, I'd kinda prefer to put it back to its original look. If theres another thread on this, then a link is fine (or just yell at me to learn how to search..haha), i just couldn't really find one previously with any specific information... I almost have half a mind to carry my apple into home depot and see if they can color match or i can hold it up to paint cans, but I don't wanna be that guy.