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    Has anyone noticed how worthlesss and crap games are today? I mean, there are a few exceptions, but those are very rare to find anymore. What ever happened to games that actually required some skill, take Tetris for example (yes, I know technically Tetris is still around, but you get the jist of it.) Now, Iím not saying ALL vintage games are good... Today, I feel computer games have lost their charm. Thereís just not as much character as they used to. Although, there are a few people who still develop Commodore 64 games, and good on them!
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    They cost too much money to make because AAA gaming refuses to get out of the constant generic-graphics-horsepower arms race and every single major title has to include at least 472 hours of fully-voiced cutscenes recorded by professional actors, so they have to appeal to the broadest possible audience to minimize the investors' risk. Because of this, plots get samey, visuals get samey, gameplay gets samey, and nothing is allowed to challenge anyone for fear of driving off anybody (not to mention that any time players are allowed to stray from the One True Path somebody would have to create visuals and record dialogue for it.)
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    Has anything changed? In all the years that I bought and played video games (~1980-2000) the vast majority have always been stinkers. There were always only a handful now and then that were really good.


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