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Thread: New release of TRS80GP

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    Default New release of TRS80GP

    @Peter & George Phillips.

    After playing with your release 2.0.4 of your trs80gp, I'am very pleased with results.
    Adding an emulator for the big Tandy family is a great improvement.
    This is the first really working Model II emulator that is available for the big Tandy family.
    I can use it to organize and update my disk images on a very easy way and make them ready for
    using them for transfer them to real disks.
    I have used your emulator with all I know operating systems and has not found any problems.
    Especially for TRSDOSII which is not very much used by some of us.

    For those who are interested you can read a good review in the TRS8Bit from Dusty (Thanks for the great job your doing each time) of
    this month.

    Peter and George thanks for this great contribution for all of us.

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    Thanks, Hans. Glad to hear it is useful to you.

    Work continues and there should be a new release hopefully within a week. Mostly bug fixes here and there but a few more features. I keeping finding little bugs or find little features to add -- the usual shipping curse.

    I've definitely longer range plans to fill in the missing holes (hard drive and serial port emulation). I'd also like to get the low-level accuracy of the Model II part up to standards. With all those funky DMA and timer chips there's a lot of demo potential in the Model II but no point trying until I get firm results on wait states, video conflicts and all that cool stuff.

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    Yes, thanks George and Pete. We've needed a solid M2 emulator for a long time.

    The fact that you were able to build this without having a Model II on hand is quite incredible. To me, it is on par with the efforts of Bob Powell from Microsoft who, according to Frank Durda, wrote the initial XENIX implementation for the Model 16 based on the publicly available technical reference manuals only.

    So, given that, I'm looking forward to the Model 16 support in trs80gp!


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