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Thread: Exidy Sorcerer error

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    I helped Tempest (who posted upthread) repair his Sorcerer II with the same symptom, no DRAM. It was a bad cap on the 12V bus, as others have posted. After locating and replacing it his machine has run well for years, although he does not have the S100 unit.

    This thread shows our repair progress plus other activities:
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    Quote Originally Posted by JonB View Post
    Responding to a query posted on StarDot:

    My Sorcerer had a short circuit on the 12v rail which was caused by a tantalum capacitor. The way I resolved it was to desolder one leg of each capacitor until the short circuit went away, then replace any tants that were faulty. It's easy enough to do this, even working from the component side of the board (especially if you have a decent soldering iron).
    This is good advice.

    Also, if you want to fix the video tearing in your photo below, look here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClausB View Post
    Also, if you want to fix the video tearing in your photo below, look here:
    I'm not dismissing your work in figuring out why it happens or suggesting that it was intentional on the part of Exidy.
    However presumably in a museum you want to give visitors the opportunity to experience the system operating in an authentic way though.
    I would argue that those artifacts in the display are as much a part of the sensory experience of using a Sorcerer just as much as the sound and feel of the keyboard, the smell of the transformer heating up the case etc.
    The artifacts are actually useful during cassette loading as shows you that data is being read, and in the penultimate section of a Scott Adams adventure you can literally see the machine working harder which adds to the anticipation by letting you know you are very close to completing the game.

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    After the mod you still get the dark speckles during screen access, just not the horizontal jitter. But, point taken.


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