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Thread: Exidy Sorcerer error

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    It's maybe hard to see, but I'm actually measuring the caps between + and - . Every beep = connectivity between those points which shouldn't be according to my knowledge (at least, not for tantalum caps). Others don't do that while on the same setup (and even same value).
    I have a few computers and only have 612m2 for computers.

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    Let me state it another way. Pick one cap that beeps, and unsolder it and remove it. See if the Motherboard Pads still Beep,
    and the Cap checks good on a Cap checker. (If you were to power up the Motherboard, then the caps that beep would have ZERO
    volts across them, since they are a short. I'd think the 5 VDC line being shorted in that many places would be more than the
    Power Supply could provide. It would blow a fuse or shut down for current limit. )

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