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Thread: Any interest in a heavily repaired Apple II TimeMaster II H.O. Time/Date card?

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    Default Any interest in a heavily repaired Apple II TimeMaster II H.O. Time/Date card?

    I've decided that I pretty much want to get rid of all my Apple IIe stuff and concentrate my collection on the IIc, because the IIe just takes up too much room.

    This particular piece, however, is one I feel I might have a little bit of trouble moving. It is an Applied Engineering TimeMaster II H.O. (H.O. means 'High Output', which is supposed to imply that it stores the current year) time/date card that is currently in working condition, but quite fragile due to the extensive repair I had to do to it. The original battery leaked all over the board and corroded right through a number of the fingers on the card edge connector. I have actually replaced the battery (with the same type that was on there, so unfortunately there will still be a risk of leaking after a number of years, but I figure I'd leave replacement of it with an external battery holder an exercise for the recipient of the card), and I have attached some copper foil onto the edge of the PCB to replace the corroded card edge fingers. I've managed to plug it and unplug it a few times without damaging the foil, and I've used the software to verify that it successfully kept the time afterward, but due to the nature of the repair I can't guarantee that the card will work when you plug it into your own system.

    I also had to replace the DIP switches on the board, and all I had on hand was a damaged 8-position switch, so I cut that in half and used the good half on this board, so instead of being numbered 1-2-3-4, they are now numbered 5-6-7-8. I also replaced the clock crystal. I have not attempted to re-tune the trimmer capacitor after performing the repair.

    The original program disk for DOS 3.3 and Pascal will also be included.

    Click here for pictures:

    I am tentatively going to price this at $10 shipped (flat rate within the US) but I will likely accept any offer that would cover the cost of shipping and packing materials.

    EDIT: Just added a picture (in the same link above) of the software loaded up in order to demonstrate that it is, in fact, working. I took the picture at 2:09, though, so it does look like it's running a little fast after the repair. But it's been a few months since I set the time, and I have other clocks (like the one in my car) that are worse than that... I also think it's funny that it displays the date as 1918 but still has the correct day of the week for 2018 showing.
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    Sold! That went a lot quicker than I thought.


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