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    Question Buy/Give

    I recently made a post in "introductions"
    If you read it you will know I not over 18/18+
    So if anyone could sell some "starting pc's" i would be very thankful... Ebay isnt very good for these things :P

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    My suggestion because you are under 18 would be to ask your parent or guardian to take you to the local Goodwill or 2nd-hand store. This is a great place to find old computers cheap. If that does not pan out, try a local computer repair shop or three. Specifically the private independent shops, not the big office supply repair like GeekSquad as they probably recycle everything that goes unclaimed.

    Your script is to ask for any abandoned or unwanted hardware produced more than 20 years ago, because you want to learn hardware repair. If you visit 2 or 3 repair stores you'll end up with a car full of 90's era vintage PC hardware to play with maybe even older. You might end up with a MAC II, MS DOS or Windows 3.1 system, Pentium II box, 486 laptop, old VGA displays that are 4:3 ratio, PS/2 keyboards and mice, etc. Who knows what they have in the back shelves.

    Take advantage of being a'll get free stuff just because you're under 18. I would suggest NOT to interact with people on this board without parental supervision, for your safety.

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    Great points Bill, that is what I do with my Grandson and give him a workspace here. But what I stress the most is the getting permission from his Mother to have a place at home out of the way and reach of his brothers and sisters.


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