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Thread: Why I hate SW as a service...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug G View Post
    I tried reading the article you linked to, but with W10 and Firefox without any script blocker extensions, the actual article was unreadable, mostly covered with a plethora stupid banners and video popup windows that besides being useless, keep moving around on the page. I'm sure the article itself was interesting and relevant, but Forbes and their crappy web pages just made my ignore list in Google News.
    Funny you mention that because usually I can't read Forbes articles because of my ad blocker. I was surprised that this one came through...
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    Old software had updates and patches as far back as I can remember, you just had to log into Compuserve or a BBS to download it (or walk into a major computer store). Quite a few popular programs were shipped with major bugs pre internet and had to be fixed.

    MS has to support 100's of systems with thousands of drivers and apps for a decade or more that they didn't create. Apple only supports one CPU vendor on a limited amount of systems they 100% design and they still EOL those systems and OS in a matter of 4-5 years.

    Linux/Unix has updates all the time, some of which will break a working system.
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