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Thread: Best '86/'286 PC for VGA graphics

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    Norm, the net is full tales of folks who did just that. But, I don't think it wasn't meant to be. Every reference that I've ever seen shows the 386 as the minimum processor. Nice project for 'show & tell' I suppose. Also, no one is giving the 286 a bad rap here. You just get more bang for the buck from a 386 if you're building from scratch.
    I'd have to agree if building from scratch. And as krebizfan stated, I think memory makes a huge difference. I have 8MB and I couldn't run it with 1MB the machine had originally. But I was still shocked at how well Photostyler runs in high color mode on a 14mhz 286.

    carangil, On mine it seems 16mhz is possible on the CPU but the motherboard or memory speed is holding me back. I have 80ns ram and i think it's maxed out at 14 mhz without a clock divider available.
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    This is an example of a SFF 286.

    NVM the pricing obviously.


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