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Thread: Help identifying black 17" CRT from 1995

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    Default Help identifying black 17" CRT from 1995

    I was wondering if anyone could identify the make of this circa 1995 CRT?
    The PC builder put their name over the monitor logo in this advertisement. It was one of the first monitors I had seen in a non-beige shell. It's just listed as Flat screen 17" SVGA NI.
    The LED display on the bottom is similar to a Taiwan brand called KFC but beyond that I have no had luck identifying it.
    and what does the NI mean after SVGA?

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    non-interlaced, I would assume

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    Acer was making black CRTs in 1995 for their home line (Aspire) but it is hard to find images that clearly show their front panel design.

    That is one lazy ad photographer. Slapping some tape over the right side to hide some details. Are you sure about the 1995 date because it looks a lot like the knockoffs of the Toshiba SVGA monitor with USB and a tiny LCD panel showing settings that appeared in late 1996?
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    I am pretty sure on the (fall) 1995 date. I can't seem to find any pictures of the Toshiba units with the lcd below, any images handy? KFC was the only brand google yielded in that style. They would be fun to have.


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