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Thread: Dell Inspiron 8200 - My favorite Windows XP notebook

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    Default Dell Inspiron 8200 - My favorite Windows XP notebook

    I just received my Dell Inspiron 8200 (a machine I have been wanting for quite some time now) and I'm absolutely in love with it. Definitely my favorite P4/WinXP laptop. It also completed my Inspiron 8000 series collection (I have the 8000, 8100, and 8200 now). All fantastic machines, BTW.

    One thing I have noticed about this 8200 compared to the 8000/8100 is that the screen is brighter and has more vibrant color than the 8000/8100 screens do. It's also a little more reflective and not quite as matte.

    Another thing I have noticed is it does run ever so slightly hotter than the 8000/8100, but not by much. I run I8kfangui on all of my 8000 series machines to keep them cool, because they get far too hot for my liking before kicking the fans on.

    Here are the specs of this machine:

    1.8GHz Pentium 4M

    768MB of RAM (will be upgrading this to 2GB)

    30GB hard drive (got an 80GB I'm gonna throw in there)

    64MB ATi Radeon 9000 graphics card

    1600 X 1200 "UltraSharp" UXGA Display

    CD-RW/DVD ROM combo drive

    This was one of the top configuration models for at the time. Would've been very expensive when new.

    Also going to try Windows Vista and Windows 7 on this machine! I hope 7 will run good on it because that would be really cool.

    That's all for now. Will upload pics later........

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    Okay, here are some pics. One of the things I love about the 8200 is the beautiful, silver palmrests and trackpad buttons.


    Edit: Oh, yeah, I've also got an Intel mini-PCI WiFi card that I'm going to add to this machine. That's another wonderful thing about the 8200 is that the ethernet is built-in to the motherboard (unlike the 8000/8100 which uses a mini-PCI card for the ethernet), leaving the mini-PCI slot free for a WiFi card. The 8000/8100 can take a mini-PCI WiFi card, but you have to sacrifice your ethernet, which I'm not too fond of.
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    Neither Windows Vista or 7 are going to run well on a slow Pentium 4 with 2 GB of RAM. Best leave XP on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GiGaBiTe View Post
    Neither Windows Vista or 7 are going to run well on a slow Pentium 4 with 2 GB of RAM. Best leave XP on it.
    Probably correct. Still going to try it, because I've been shocked before at what works good on older hardware (like Firefox 52.9.0 on this 8200 for example). Runs good and fast (even with 768MB of ram) and it's actually what I'm typing this post up on. I've actually seen stripped down versions of Windows 7 do okay on a Pentium III with 512MB (not super fast but a hell of a lot better than I expected). But yes, XP is definitely the best OS for this machine, no doubt. I'm going to try Windows 2000 at some point too. I've heard that really works good on these 8200s.


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