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Thread: PCjr ATX Power Supply Adapter

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    Default PCjr ATX Power Supply Adapter


    I recently have designed an adpater for the PCjr that let's you use an ATX power supply on it rather than the 18VAC external that it *should* come with. My PCjr was found without the AC PSU after after seeing the scarcity and price of them on ebay I figured there had to be better way, so I made one.

    As an aside, I was waiting on posting about this on forums until I got my second batch in. I knew I was going to sell out of the first 9 I had really quickly and didn't want to tease people here that I made something but that you can't get it. Maybe that wasn't the best choice, I'll try to post more progressively about stuff like this in the future. As of this post I have most of the parts in for the next batch of 29, I'm just waiting on PCBs and some female headers.

    When they come back in stock I'll be selling them here:

    Kits are $15 and I'll assemble it for $5.

    The design files are open source and available on Github:

    It has the following features:
    Compatible with a standard ATX PSU for easy install
    Compatible with PicoPSU for compact and seemless installs
    ATX PS_ON connected switch for power on/off
    Two 3D printed rear panels for ATX or PicoPSU use
    Floppy and fan power connectors

    I welcome any feedback or questions about the design. I've tried to work on make it as work with the majority of use cases but there could always be something I didn't think of. I do have a question for those who are intereseted, how would you feel about a different power switch? The ones I've sourced that resemble the original as much as possible aren't cheap at $3.38, but I figured most people would rather have something close to the original than save a few bucks.

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    Looks nice, and very useful. Now, if I just had the money to get a PCjr...

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    I've got a PCjr power brick I'm not using if you're interested in one.
    PM me if you're looking for 3" or 5" floppy disks. EMail For everything else, Take Another Step

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    I've got these back in stock now and made a new update video on some minor changes:


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