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Thread: Anyone capable of modernizing DOS Cadstar Gerber files?

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    Default Anyone capable of modernizing DOS Cadstar Gerber files?

    Figure this is a good place to ask as any really. I have a project that I would like to have updated for a PCB mainboard but the files are outdated (was created on DOS Cadstar) and PCB layout software/creation is not in my know-how-to-do list yet. The goal is to eventually have a dozen of these sent off to materialize into real PCB boards so that I can populate and create functional systems with.

    Does anyone here have knowledge of doing such or possibly know of someone that is capable of doing such a task? It's a dual layer board but requires a ton of rework to modernize. I'm not looking for a free conversion just someone that really knows what they're doing and wouldn't mind helping out a gaming hobbyist.

    No idea what compensation for such a job would be but we can openly negotiate that should someone kindly step forward.


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    Doesn't CADStar produce Gerber files? No reason why you still couldn't use those. Try uploading them as a test to the OSHPark website and see what the result is.

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    How about EEWinPlot?

    EEWinPlot is a photoplotter emulator for Windows 3.1. You can load, view and print files created for photoplotter devices.

    With EEWinPlot it is possible to 'photoplot' files of two formats most often used in electrical engineering software. You can plot files using GERBER format for PCB-Layers and EXCELLON format for drill files. You can zoom in on details of the plots on screen and you can print the files using any windows printer, scaled to fit or 1:1 format.
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