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I have seen similar boxes in action the main problem they have is that they take all modes that are 240p (amiga 640x200 320x200 etc) atari st low and med modes like they are 480i signals and then deinterlace them the result is not good at all to play games.
So this box is a little different. It is basically a LCD TV SOC in there and instead of connecting to a LCD panel, it uses a HDMI transmitter instead. It is definitely not handling 240p perfectly, but 60fps animation seems pretty nice without major issues. Interfaced video signal does show signs of the deinterlacing but I don't really see major artifacts on the 240p. When I'm home I'll run some PlayStation games into it and see how things look. I played a few ST games on it and they all seem to look fine and run at 60fps.

If you can recommend maybe a good Amiga demo to try that will really expose the processing issues, it would be helpful.

Unrelated, I love your avatar pic. I'm just rewatching Babylon 5 for the first time since it first aired. Such a good show although it looks so dated now with the super 90s looking everything.