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Thread: Another Apple I up for auction

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    I would think you don't even bother to rebuild them until they are for sale since they can go bad sitting around a few years and doing rework after rework is not a good idea.
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    Actually most owners of working ones, power them on about once a year or so. Thats all that is needed to keep them good for a while. Every 20 or so years you'll need to worry about the ceramics.

    I also spend some of my spare time running around and putting them though their paces for some of the owners. On occasion I will get one into the shop that was working and now doesn't. Usually something stupid like a broken wire or a socket that needs some servicing. The TI sockets aren't so bad to rebuild on the board without desoldering, you just need practice and the right tools to pop the top off of the mylar backing and then you can work on the leads. This actually saved me a ton of work on one of my Sol-20's with a bad socket. Was quicker to rebuild at VCFEast one year then desolder and replace an iffy socket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corey986 View Post
    I try to avoid replacing caps where the replacement of a single cap can cost the owner more than a Mercedes S-Class in impact to the value. The idea when you have something like an Apple-1 is not to change out anything, but restore/rebuild them back to original condition. I even rebuild the sockets instead of replacing them when they are bad.
    Yeah, the "ghosts" in the components.


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