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Thread: My Intel Socket 370 - 815 Video Hassle

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    Default My Intel Socket 370 - 815 Video Hassle

    My P-III 1.4 GHz Tualatin 'tweener' has been on-line for over 4 years now. It has a WD800 PATA HD along with a DVD CD, Chinon 5.25 1.2 MB floppy, and a generic 3.5 floppy. Of the 3 PCI slots, one hosts a 4 port external USB adapter, along with its internal one, while another contains the ZOTAC GeForce 610 with 1 GB of memory.

    I've never been able to get the ZOTAC XP video driver to install until now. I've always had to run the box with the Intel internal video enabled, which, as a mater of fact, did a pretty good job. The trick was to finnally locate the 'correct' driver off the ZOTAC site then follow a sort of 'catch 22' installation procedure. Fortunately ZOTAC has a fairly good archive.

    With the PCI slot enabled in the BIOS and the monitor connected to the ZOTAC 610, the system would appear to boot all the way to the XP startup screen only to die. No driver, no video. What I did this time around was to boot the system via the Intel on-board video and install the driver from a USB port. I should mention that all of this followed a clean XP install and the box was off-line. The install went as follows:

    The BIOS was set for on-board video and the monitor was connected accordingly, while the ZOTAC video card remained installed in its PCI slot. The system was booted all the way to the XP desktop where the GeForce driver installation procedure was then initiated.

    NVIDIA Network Services - Failed
    PhysX Software - System Not Installed
    HD Audio Driver - Installed
    Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 - Failed
    NView - Installed
    Graphic Driver (361.75) - Installed (*)
    NVIDIA GeForce Experience - Not Installed

    (*) = the biggy!

    After the successful installation of the NVIDIA driver, the video cable was switched back to the ZOTAC card and the BIOS was set to PCI 1st. The system then booted to the desktop flawlessly, and the ZOTAC 610 video card setup went without a problem.

    What needs to be done is to put the box on-line, download Foxfire 48.0.2, and try to get as many updates as possible before MS slams the door on XP for good.

    Late edit:

    Several attempts were made in install the ZOTAC 610 driver via the XP "Safe" mode. I could get the file to partially install and it would end up with a failure message stating that the driver could not be installed because Microsoft C++ Video (ya-de-ya) could not be installed in the "Safe Mode".
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