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Thread: Motorola MDT 9100 Series Computer

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    Default Motorola MDT 9100 Series Computer

    I now have a vehicle that allows me to cram one of these under the dash where normally an optional Air Conditioning package would fit.
    The 9100-T, -386 and -WS series machines are a full PC compatible 386 system that is designed to operate in a car and were mainly used in police cars up until a decade ago. It's super tiny.

    I specifically need the 386 model which includes at the very least a 32-bit CPU to enable me to get some specialty GPS software running through Windows and a PCMCIA slot which can be used to boot from something other than the onboard 4mb flash memory and hold map data. Best case scenario is a unit with two serial ports, the parallel port and the SCSI option. At the very least I need the two serial ports.
    Depending on the configuration of what you have I can negotiate up to $250 + shipping. That's about where the last few sold on ebay in the last few months but at least they're now showing up with their keyboards still attached.

    Edited: Also I can't really install the carphone without the terminal because I need to fabricate a bracket for the cradle but need to know some measurements the MDT can provide.
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    Ow, my blinkin' eyes! Is there a "zoom" feature on that thing?

    Of course, when I saw the prototype of the Osborne 1, I said that there was no way someone would buy one with that tiny screen... Shows what I know.

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    Would fit nicely under the dash in my '85 Blazer

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    My "company" car in the late 90's:


    Before that, it was steno pads and rubber bands.

    I've actually been looking for a well equipped 9100-T myself...


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