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Thread: SOL-20 video question

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    Default SOL-20 video question

    Would there be any advantage to adding the S-100 VDM-1 video card to a SOL-20 computer ?

    As far as I can see the video circuitry on the SOL-20 main board is essentially (probably) the same as on the VDM card... is that correct ?

    Both produce 16 lines of 64 characters, but I'm not sure if there are features of the VDM-1 that would be better than the SOL-20's existing video system ? It seems that the VDM-1 was made for Altair computers etc that didn't have initial video capability.

    Some of the Wiki references to the Sol-20 talk about the VDM-1 card as if it were part of the original SOL-20 computer setup, which is confusing.

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    There's no real advantage to adding a VDM to a Sol as the Sol's video section was based on the VDM.


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