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Thread: Apollo DN560 info needed.

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    Question Apollo DN560 info needed.

    Hi All.

    I have a almost complete machine here, only the cable between the monitor and the computer is missing. As it also carries audio, keyboard an mouse, i think it is a y 13W3 cable like with the Next Station Color.

    Booting the machine with just the video part used does not end with a picture.
    Info on this machine on the web is sparse to say the least. newer machines are covered better.

    Someone here with such a machine in working condition?

    no, this is not about the Apollo rocket computer...

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    you should get video from the PROM monitor (and self test messages), if the system is working at all. it's composite sync on green, resolution is either 1024x768 or 1280x1024 (not totally sure which). the 10 non-coax pins carry only keyboard and mouse signals; they are broken out in the monitor base.

    if you're using a 13W3 adapter, take care that the green video signal ends up in the right place (if it gets connected to your monitor's red or blue line, you'll never get a picture) and that the non-coax pins are not connected to anything at all. you don't want to short +5 to ground through the keyboard interface.

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    This is the original monitor with the bnc's on the back. only the cable is missing and now you mention it. it should be a y cable with three bnc's on the video side and a DB9 on the stand side from the 13w3. hopefully someone has a pinout as tracing the signals back to the several boards is quite tedious.

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    my dn660 is set up similarly; the monitor sits on top of a little plinth, that breaks out the keyboard connector. i'm probably misremembering the precise details of the cable. i'll look closer at it over the weekend and report back.

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