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Thread: Install HDD - Deskmate

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    Default Install HDD - Deskmate

    I am looking to install a CF HDD in my Tandy 1000SL or TL. Id like the system to boot to deskmate...I have the deskmate disks, but I am not sure if I install DOS 3.3 on the system and then install deskmate and its programs or if I install the HDD but boot the machine to deskmate from Rom. If booted from rom how do you install the programs that come with deskmate so when you click on a program its not prompting for a disk?

    Hoping someone can point me in the right direction on whixh path to take and how to actually install deskmate to HDD if that is the proper path..
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    I just did all of this last night to a TL/2

    Here is what I bought:

    Here is how I set it up:

    0. unplug the machine and open the case up.
    1. open the JP2 jumper so card sits on D800h instead of C800h
    2. install the card and cf plate and cd card in the machine.
    3. download ... extract and place on to a formatted floppy (or just copy it to your existing DOS floppy, it's really small)
    4. put the dos floppy in the machine and start it up.
    5. hit 'A' to boot from floppy
    6. run wipedisk
    7. run fdisk and create your primary partition (it'll reboot, select 'A' to boot from the floppy again.
    8. run format c: /s
    9. reset the machine it should boot from C and now you have a bootable C drive.
    10. mkdir C:\DOS
    11. make sure the dos floppy is inserted and type 'A:'
    12. copy A:\ C:\DOS
    13. copy D:\autoexec.bat C:\ (your rom drive should still be sitting at D
    14. reset the machine and it should boot back in to deskmate
    15. Put deskmate disk 1 in the drive
    16. one of the Function key menus (can't remember which off the top of my head) will have an 'Install' option. Select it and hit enter.
    17. follow all the prompts to copy the disks to the harddrive.
    18. Don't remember if it reboots automatically but if you reboot now and go back in to deskmate it should allow you to enter the text editor and worksheet programs without using the floppies as they are now running off the drive.

    I'm sure i forgot something


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