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Thread: repository back on-line thanks!

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    Default repository back on-line thanks!

    Dear All,

    So it's not perfect (see later) but I can say that is back up at fibre speeds.

    Friends will know that we relocated back from Switzerland to the UK and part of the deal was that our new home (in the English countryside) would have a Fibre to the Home Internet connection.

    In the UK Fibre to the Home is extremely rare and Fibre to the cabinet is useless because our driveway is exactly 1Km long and then the nearest cabinet is even further away meaning the last copper leg would reduce any fibre speed down to 5 megatbits/second.

    Anyway, after a lot of jiggling we finally, over 18 months late have a Fibre to the Home connection. And whilst it is still 100 times slower, and no I do not mean 100% slower than the connection I would order in Switzerland today, well it is considerably faster than 5 Megabit/second.

    So at last, is back up reliably 24x7

    My mirror site hosted in the USA is still up, as an old person I have to remember that one always needs a backup.

    Any access issues then please get thru via , oh and please don't try and download entire portions of the site as then you or your whole ISP will end up getting blocked

    thanks for reading.


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    Just used it yesterday and it seemed pretty quick.

    Thank you for all the time, effort and expense you have put and continue to put into this repository!!


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    Wow! What a great resource! Thanks for all the work that went into this site.

    <*> Jim


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